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Heaven Is Scary…For Real, 2014

How Can Churches Reach Nominal Believers?
Christianity Today, 2014

The Leavers
Christianity Today, 2010

The Red Bull Gospel
Leadership Journal, 2011

Meet the Millennials
Leadership Journal, 2011

Sticky Faith Review
Books & Culture, 2012

The Long-Range Forecast
Outreach Magazine, 2007

Holy Family Man
Today’s Christian, 2007

Lighting Up Silicon Valley
Today’s Christian, 2007

Prepare for a Shock
Christian Bible Studies, 2012

The Global Disciple
Faith Today, 2011

Evangelicals Build with “Green” Technology
Faith Today, 2007

Shopping for Selflessness, 2005

Church-Casting Kills Community, 2006

Interviews with Drew

Christian in Portland

The Babylon Bee, 2020

Rise of the Internet, Demise of Curated Content

Carey Nieuwhof Podcast

How Habits Shape Desire

Theology in the Raw Podcast

Drew Dyck Disciplines Himself

Holy Post

What Does It Mean to Be Ex-Christian?
The Huffington Post, 2011

Checking Out of Church
Deseret News, 2011

Leaving Is (Probably Not) the Hardest Part
The Other Journal, 2011

Dr. Gary Chapman interview
Moody Radio, 2010

Interviews by Drew

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